Riet Eeckhout

Riet Eeckhout’s practice in Architecture spans 20 years during which she worked as an architect in Brussels (Belgium), Valletta (Malta), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) and London (UK). In 2007 she co-founded the architecture design studio APLondon with projects on various scales in close relation to architectural research. This research was structured by the invitational practice based research program at RMIT University (Melbourne) with Professor Leon van Schaik. In 2014 this culminated in the completion of her doctorate, entitled ‘Process Drawing’, under supervision of Professor Martyn Hook at RMIT University (Melbourne). 

Riet Eeckhout lectured at RMIT university (Melbourne), UCA university Canterbury (UK), Syracuse University (London Program, UK), University of Ljubljana (Slovenia) and KU Leuven University (Belgium). She currently runs a post doctoral research project at KU Leuven University under the title ‘Drawing Architecture’ in collaboration with Professor Arnaud Hendrickx. Her research and projects have been published and exhibited internationally.      

Contact:     riet.eeckhout@kuleuven.be            Instagram


  • upcoming exhibitions:

WORKS+WORDS 2019 Biennale in Artistic Research in Architecture.

Exhibition: November 28th 2019 to January 19th 2020. KADK The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts WORKS+WORDS 2019 present artistic research within the field of architecture in Europe. Artistic research aims at developing new ground in the field of architecture and is characterised by combining the making of works with reflections in words. Artistic research is defined as an integrated part of an artistic process, which leads to a public accessible work and is accompanied by intellectual reflection on as well the process itself as the presentation of the finished work.WORKS+WORDS 2019, Biennale in Artistic Research in Architecture operates with three criteria for artistic research within the field of architecture, as defined by KADK: Clarity, Density, Depth.

EXPERIMENTAL DIAGRAMMINGExhibition: December 13, 2019 – February 13, 2020

Architektur museum, TU Berlin, Exhibition on experimental diagramming curated by Lidia Gasperoni and Anna Katrine Hougaard (TU Berlin)

Over the past decades the diagram has developed into a constitutive, generative medium for architectural design. The diagram as a visual medium facilitates a medial translation of perceived configurations in the thinking process and vice versa. Yet, today diagram is a commonplace term and its generative meaning has almost disappeared in the everyday use of this word. The exhibition aims to reveal an experimental use of diagrams that show their performative and transformative essence, rediscovering and presenting new experimental practices of diagramming architecture.

Selected Exhibitions

  • Tchoban Foundation, Museum of architectural drawing, Opening Lines: Sketchbooks of Ten Modern Architects (Berlin), Drawing Out Gehry II (2018)

    The sketchbooks represented are the work of Hans Poelzig, Le Corbusier, Alberto Ponis,                      Adolfo Natalini/Superstudio, Álvaro Siza, Tony Fretton, Marie-José Van Hee, Peter Märkli,                    Níall McLaughlin and Riet Eeckhout.

  • UCL, Disegno2018, Tournai, Belgium (Jan 2018) The space between his head and his two hands

  • DeSingel Arts Campus, Flanders Architecture Institute, Antwerp, Belgium (2017) Drawing Out Gehry I

  • Darc Space Gallery, Dublin, Ireland (2017) The Marconi Drawings

  • Venice Architecture Biennale 2014, Time Space Existence, Venice, Italy (2014) The Venice drawings

  • COAC, The chamber of Architects of Catalonia, Barcelona, Spain (2014) The space between his head and his two hands

  • Galerie d’ Architecture, Paris, France (2013) The Gate Drawings